Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps

Our range of Rotary Positive Displacement pumps includes both Screw, Gear and Eccentric Helical Rotor types. All are well proven established manufacturers with design covering heavy duty API 676 process pumps through to small, specialist, niche designs.

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Screw pumps with two, three or five-spindle, single or double-volute, self-priming displacement pumps for the low / medium or high-pressure range. API 676 verions and special multi-phase gas/oil pumps and systems

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Nova Rotors

Progressing Cavity Pumps covering all industry sectors, including sanitary and API 676 designs. In addition to traditional progressing cavity design, Nova Rotors also offer “wobble” stator versions with just a single universal joint.

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Standard and special design gear pumps, for general and chemical duties, including glandless, magnet drive designs.

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