Nikkiso canned motor pump


Nikkiso Canned Motor Pump

  • Flows to 1,200 m3/hr and pressures to 40 bar

The pump and motor are integrated in the sealed leak-proof "canned" structure to create a sealless design with full secondary containment.

Ideally suited for hazardous transfer and circulation applications in the chemical and petro-chemical industry, the pump is also compliant to API-685 standard.

Due to the integrated pump and motor design, there are no couplings or bearings housings and hence these units are extremely quiet and compact with minimal parts for low maintenance and reliability.

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Nikkiso canned motor pumps

Nikkiso have been manufacturing sealless canned motor pumps since the 1940s and have a wealth of experience and expertise woldwide

The NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pump is an ideal solution for transfer and circulation tasks in the chemical industry. It can be used to pump hazardous, toxic and supercritical fluids.

The stator has a two-layer structure, consisting of the stator liner, stator band, and extremely tight terminal strip, allowing for a higher degree of safety. With the pressure raised by the impeller, the liquid is sent to the discharge side. A part of the fluid also reaches the motor and is used to lubricate the bearings and cool the motor of the centrifugal canned motor pump. Then, this part is lead back through the extraction openings on the shaft (standard model) for the intake side.


Nikkiso canned motor pumps are a proven and established product.

Nikkiso canned motor pumps have been supplied to all the major chemical and petro-chemical companies and contractors worldwide. Ideally suited to hazardous, toxic and supercritical fluids, they are widely applied for chemical, petro-chemical and general industrial applications where low maintenance and full zero leakage containment is paramount,


Designs and configurations for all applications

As specialists in canned motors, Nikkiso can offer designs to suit all fluid and applications types - for further details of the various design options, please click here.

All pumps are CE certified and PED and ATEX compliant and there is also an API 685 compliant versions. For further details please click here.