Sealless - Magnet Drive

By using a magnetic drive arrangement it is possible to completely enclose and isolate the rotating pump shaft and process fluid from the drive motor. The means that there is no requirement for mechanical seals or packed glands and hence zero leakage. These pumps utilise separate, standard design motors and hence are readily maintainable and serviceable on site.

Our range of zero leakage magnet drive pumps includes centrifugal, screw and gear pumps to cover all market sectors.

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CP Pumpen

Magnetic coupled glandless pumps with unique compact all stainless steel design. Also available in exotic materials and PFA lined for handling corrosive and high temperature chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

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HMD Kontro

Sealless, magnet drive centrifugal pumps to API 685 specifically developed for the oil and gas industry for refinery and heavy duty petrochemical applications. Vertical and Low Flow designs ideally suited to offshore applications where space is limited.

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Twin and triple screw sealless magnet drive pumps for leakfree pumping of hot, hazardous and viscous fluids in the oil, chemical and petrochemical industries.

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LMV-801S Sealless magnet drive version of the Sundyne API 610 vertical in-line OH3 pumps for low flow, low NPSHA applications.

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Sealless, leakfree magnet drive gear pumps used across all industries from laboratory, pharmaceutical, bio to chemical.

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