Centrifugal Pumps

All the pumps in our centrifugal pump range are rugged, well proven, heavy duty machines suitable for demanding critical, continuous process and industrial applications.

Our range includes conventional API 610 and sealless API 685 models, high speed high pressure versions, special metallurgy and ceramic lined types and complete solid FRP fibreglass pumps for corrosive duties.

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CP Pumpen logo

CP Pumpen

Chemical process centrifugal pumps, available with conventional mechanical seals in exotic materials, PFA and ceramic linings, or as sealless magnetically coupled units.

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Fybroc logo


Corrosion proof, FRP (Fibreglass), centrifugal pumps for acid, fluoridic, caustic, seawater, bleach and abrasive duties, including self priming and vertical and cantilever sump pumps.

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HMD Sealless Pumps logo

HMD Sealless Pumps

Sealless, magnet drive centrifugal pumps to API 685 specifically developed for the oil and gas industry for refinery and heavy duty petrochemical applications. Horizontal, Vertical and Low Flow designs.

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Marelli logo


An extensive range of heavy duty, API 610 centrifugal pumps, including single and multistage, vertical and horizontal designs for oil and gas, water and fire fighting applications.

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Nikkiso Canned Motor Pumps logo

Nikkiso Canned Motor Pumps

Centrifugal pump range where the pump and motor are integrated and hermetically sealed or "canned" to create a sealless design with full secondary containment.

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Sundyne - Integrally Geared logo

Sundyne - Integrally Geared

Sundyne API 610 high speed, vertical in-line OH6 pumps for high head, low flow applications. Integral high speed gearbox pumps for multi-stage pump performance from a compact, single stage unit (up 1800m developed head). Horizontal multi-stage, high speed HMP version for flows of up to 360 cu.m/hr and up to 4,570 metres differential head.

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sundyne - direct drive logo

sundyne - direct drive

Sundyne API 610 direct drive vertical in-line OH3 pumps for low flow, low NPSHA applications.

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sundyne - sunflo logo

sundyne - sunflo

Sunflo Industrial Pumps, for low flow high pressure applications with integral high speed gearbox for multi-stage pump performance from a compact, single stage unit.

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For sealless pumps, please also see Magnet Drive Sealless pump page.