Sundyne multistage high speed compressors

Pinnacle Multi-Stage Compressors

High speed, integrally geared, multi-stage units.

Pinnacle multi-stage centrifugal compressors deliver the same performance range as traditional piston-driven design, but they generate several operational efficiencies that set them apart as a superior alternative.

- fewer rotating parts and oil free, pulsation free flows

- less maintenance than more complex screw and rotary type units

- lower costs and less costly productivity downtime.

Available in full compliance with strict API 617 / 614 standards or as reduced specification, cost efficient "fit for purpose" designs

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The Pinnacle range:-


The Pinnacle LF-2000

The Pinnacle is an API 617, multi-stage centrifugal integrally geared compressor.

- Flows to 10,000 ACFM (17,000 AM³/hr),
- Max working pressure 4,000 psia (350 bar)
- Power up to 3,000 kw

Based on over 50 years of technological development and investment, the latest generation of Sundyne integrally geared compressors includes the flagship Pinnacle model. This API-617 and -614 standard compressor will run continuously for 5 years, delivering oil-free process gas with no emissions. With a unique modular baseplate and compact footprint, the Pinnacle is easy to package onto a skid and install into any process environment.

Additionally, its innovative design allows for maximum flexibility, including the operation of up to four compressors on a single gearbox. Custom built to meet the unique Best Efficiency Point (BEP) of each application, the Pinnacle compressor is precisely engineered for pulsation- and vibration-free operation.

The Sundyne Pinnacle is the best in class high-head, low-flow option for handling the most demanding applications in the refining, petrochemical, LNG, Cryogenic/BOG, power and mining industries.


The Pinnacle LF-2X80

Based on the proven LF-2000, the new LF-2X80 is a highly cost efficient, reduced specification version for demanding process duties such as Fuel Gas.

- Flows to 6000 ACFM (10,200 AM³/hr)
- Max working pressure to 1440 psi (100 Bara)
- Power to 670 kw

The Sundyne LF-2X80 integrally geared multi-stage centrifugal compressor is based on the proven LF-2000 technology and decades of expertise to bridge the gap between the original single stage LMC / BMC product line and the high power, multistage Pinnacle range.

Enabling greater flow, head and horsepower capability than the LMC/BMC and immensely flexible, the LF-2X80 is available in both one- and two-stage configurations and can be easily packaged onto a skid to allow for optimized footprint and ease of installation. The LF-2X80 can run continuously for 5 years delivering oil-free process gas with no emissions day in and day out. Available with full compliance with strict API 617 / 614 standards or as a reduced specification, cost efficient "fir for purpose" design.

LF-2X80 is ideal as a full gas compression solution for use in refining, petrochemical, LNG, power and mining applications.