PPI Diaphragm Compressors


PPI Diaphragm Compressors

Glandless, zero leakage compressors for hazardous fluids

Proven, Rugged, Reliable and API 618 compliant

- Flows to 3,400 sm3/hr

- Pressures to 230 barg

- Powers to 186 kw

PPI Pressure Product Industries have been manufacturing leak free compressors to deliver non-contaminating compression of any gas for over sixty years.

  • Durable - Lubricant and abrasive-free compression of gases and mixtures. We have hundreds of compressors installed in harsh environments like refineries, as well as very clean high technology factories and research centres. Our patented Ultrafram diaphragm technology and proprietary cavity design provide unmatched diaphragm life.
  • Reliable - heavy duty components custom engineered to ensure reliable operation. We load test every compressor in the factory and document operating data to meet your specific service and operating parameters.
  • Heavy Duty Rugged Design - Complete units including base frame, power unit, pulsation dampers, coolers, valves, instruments and a control unit integrated into a complete package ready to fit exactly into your operation.
  • Long and Trouble Free Operation - With regular maintenance the compressors work for years to meet exacting API-618 standards.
  • Exceptional Value - Our reciprocating diaphragm compressors are extremely competitive with the industry taking into account the total cost of ownership including purchase price for high quality components, efficient lifetime operational costs, and maintenance including genuine OEM parts and fluids.
  • Delivery Times - Because our diaphragm compressors are engineered, built and tested in the United States, we can meet or beat most delivery deadlines to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Service - High quality service and spares through Kinder-Janes and the world-wide Sundyne Authorized Service Network to ensure your compressor is maintained for continuous operation, and any problems are resolved quickly using only Sundyne Genuine Parts.

PPI 1500 Series

PPI 1500 Series Diaphragm Compressors are ideal for pilot plant and lesser quantity cylinder filling applications where high purity or hazardous gases are used in lower capacities. The 1500 Series compressor is supplied as standard with an integral electric drive motor and leak detection system. PPI 1500 Series have been developed using the latest technology in solids modeling and FEA analysis. All working components have been designed and tested for reliability and longevity.

Flowrates to 5 ft3/min (8.4 m3/hr)

Pressures to 6000 psig (415.0 barg)

Powers to 1.5 hp (1.1 kw)

PPI 1500 Series compressors are ideally suited for use with gases such as Hydrogen, Krypton, Xenon, Argon, Fluorine, Oxygen, NF3, Helium, and other high purity or hazardous gases.


PPI 2000/2L Series

The Sundyne Series 2L Diaphragm Compressor is available in single and two stage configurations. Sub-series models are as follows:

2000, Single Stage - 2L, Two Stage

Flowrates to 7.1 ft3/min (12 m3/hr)

Pressures to 15,000 psig (1,035 barg)

Power to 15 hp (11 kw)


PPI 4L Series

The Sundyne Series 4L Diaphragm Compressor is a highly reliable and robust design available in several sub series models.

4000 Single Stage - 4X000 Single Stage - 4L Two Stage - 4LX Two Stage

Flowrates to 45.9 ft3/min (77.5 m3/hr)

Pressures to 16,750 psig (1,155 barg)

Power to 40 hp (30 kw)


PPI 7L Series

The Sundyne Series 7L Diaphragm Compressor is available in single and two stage configurations. Sub-series models are as follows:

5000 Single Stage - 5L/H Two Stage - 7000 Single Stage - 7L/H Two Stage - 9000 Single Stage - 9L/H Two Stage

Flowrates to 1,000 ft3/min (1,690 m3/hr)

Pressures to 6,250 psig (430 barg)

Powers to 200 hp (149 kw)


PPI 9L Series

The Series 9X Diaphragm Compressor is available in single and two stage configurations. Sub-series models are as follows:

9X Single Stage - 9X/H Two Stage

Flowrates to 2,000 ft3/min (3,380 m3/hr)

Pressures to 3,350 psig (230 barg)

Powers to 250 hp (185 kw)