Fuel gas booster compressors


Fuel Gas Booster Compressors

As ever-increasing demand for clean energy leads to widespread use of gas turbine power generation in industrial and commercial power plants, many such facilities now require reliable centrifugal compression to boost fuel gas from the low pressure delivered in the pipeline to the higher pressures required by the turbine.

Ideal for Single or Combined Cycle Power Plants with output of 40MW to 800MW.

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Fuel Gas Boosting Compressors - Designed for Pure Performance.

Based on over 50 years of technological development and investment, Sundyne fit-for-purpose gas compressors handle such services with the utmost efficiency and reliability, thereby ensuring a steady supply of fuel gas at the precise pressures needed for successful turbine operation.

With a smaller footprint than competing reciprocating and screw technologies, oil-free operation and a smooth, centrifugal flow that eliminates pulsation, Sundyne compressors offer a sound solution for fuel gas boosting.

Sundyne have been supplying compact, high speed compressors to the petrochemical and API market for decades and can offer proven, fit-for-purpose designs.

The benefits of Sundyne "Fit For Purpose" Engineering

  • Overall cost-savings
  • Streamlined installation and commissioning
  • Up to 75% space savings over volumetric compressor technology
  • Delivery time reduced by more than 3 months
  • A standard solution is already engineered to "fit" the relevant application. Designed only once - quick, multiple supply!