Gear Pumps - Sealed


The Sealed Pump Range

The sealed pump range is ideal for compact economical solution for non-hazardous duties such as general lubrication and pumping applications

Pressures to 40 barg

Flows to 85 l/min

As a specialist rotating displacement pump manufacturer, Scherzinger's focus is solely on all-purpose external gear pumps.

Due to the low inner friction values, this pump principle is very energy- efficient and the pump is subject to a low degree of wear.

Applications and areas of application

Scherzinger gear pumps are used for lubricating media, ranging from diesel to heavy oil.
The pump can be used:
■ for low-viscous to medium-viscous, particle-free fluids
■ for fluids with good lubricating properties
■ for differential pressures 0 to 30 bar
■ at inlet pressures of -0.8 mbar (absolute) to 10 bar overpressure
■ for speeds of 0 – 1.800 rpm
■ in normal as well as explosive atmospheres (ATEX II 2G)

Examples of application are:

■ Paint and varnish: Transfer of paint and varnish during the production process
■ Cooling and air compressors: Lubrication of connecting rod bearing and crank shaft bearings
■ Transmission: Lubrication of roller bearings and tooth flanks for increased torques
■ Thermal oil systems - Generation of industrial process heat
■ Wind power stations: Lubrication of large transmissions.
■ Steam turbines: Lubrication of reduction gears