Gear Pumps - Sealless Magnet Drive


The Sealless Magnet Drive Range

For toxic, hazardous and other applications where zero leakage is required

Flows to 59 l/min

Differential Pressures to 12 bar with max inlet 100 barg

(Custom designs for up to 40 bar differential and 250 bar inlet)

As a specialist rotating displacement pump manufacturer, Scherzinger's focus is solely on all-purpose external gear pumps.

Due to the low inner friction values, this pump principle is very energy- efficient and the pump is subject to a low degree of wear.

Applications and Range of Use

Scherzinger Chemical Series Gear Pumps are suitable for virtually all fluid media from bases to different acids. The Pumps can be used:
■ For low to medium viscous and particle-free liquids
■ For everything from degreasing agents through to strong lubricants
■ For alkaline and acidic fluid media
■ For inlet pressures of 80 mbar absolute through to 100 bar positive pressure
■ For speeds of 0 up to 6,000 RPM
■ For use in normal and hazardous environments (ATEX II 2G & II 2D)

Typical applications include:

■ Biotechnology:Handling of fluids in the fermentation process
■ Petrochemistry: Transfer of sulphuric acid during the production of bio-diesel
■ Chemistry: Feed and discharge out of vaporizers and reactors
■ Laboratory: Metering a wide range of fluid with replaceable pump head
■ Pharmaceuticals: Coating of syringe bodies
■ Process Engineering: Circulation of flush fluids in rotating mechanical seal systems

Frequently Handled Fluids

■Caustic Soda ■ Sulphuric Acid ■ White Oils ■ Soldering Flux ■ Methanol ■ De-Ionised water ■ Glycerine, Glycols ■ Di-Isocyanate ■ Flocculent ■ Inks ■ Emollients ■ Hydrogen Peroxide ■ Lubricants ■ Polyols, Polymers ■ Adhesives ■ Paraffin Oils


Case and shafts: 316L & 316Ti SS, Hastelloy C4, Titanium Grade 7

Gears: PEEK mod, PTFE mod, PPS mod, SS hardened, Waukesha 88, Nitronic 60

Bearings: PEEK mod, PTFE mod, PPS mod, SSiC/Cr2O3, SSic/Al2O2, Carbon

Case seal: PTFE, Buna N, FKM, FFKM, EPDM, CR