Scherzinger gear pumps

Gear pumps belong to the group of rotating displacement pumps and pump fluids by means of two intermeshing rotors. A fluid volume proportional to the speed is displaced by the rotation making them suitable for dosing applications and allowing fluids to be extracted and pumped against high pressures.

Our precision manufactured Scherzinger gear pumps are at the heart of demanding systems for both general and chemical duties.

Manufactured in Germany since 1937 with proven quality and environmental accreditations, Scherzinger pumps utilise the latest design and manufacturing processes - making them the pump of choice for high technology systems in automotive and mechanical lubrication applications, chemicals handling, power industry applications and other general engineering applications.

Scherzinger - Heart of Hightech

Scherzinger gear pumps can be supplied as either conventional sealed pumps or as zero leakage, sealless magnet drive units.

Gear Pumps - Sealed logo

Gear Pumps - Sealed

For general lubrication and pumping applications

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Gear Pumps - Sealless magnet drive logo

Gear Pumps - Sealless magnet drive

Sealless version for toxic, hazardous and other applications where zero leakage is required

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