Nova Rotors Pump Range

"Diamond" series modular designs to suit your application

The Diamond series is based on the concept of modularity in every characteristic: hydraulic parts, casing, seals, base plates, housing, drive shafts. Each part can be manufactured in a series of variants without changing the structure of the machine, while keeping the main spare parts standard. Maximum flexibility for upgrade, retro-fit or duty change. The "Diamond" pump range is available in two basic configurations:-

DN Series: the drive is coupled directly to the pump via a flange for a cost effective and compact design.
JN Series: the drive is connected to the free bare shaft inlet via a flexible joint coupling. This configuration is the best solution in terms of performance and durability as all the forces generated by the pump are absorbed by the specifically designed heavy duty bearings in the housing.

Engineered Design for Lowest Life Cycle Cost

Poorly designed cheap products can easily cost far more in on-going operating costs, which is why modularity and ease of maintenance was the major priority for the latest Diamond range.

The pin-type joint is the heart of the single screw pump and Nova Rotors design is the best solution of its type on the market. It offers greater duration, reliability and lower maintenance costs, managing to combine extreme compactness with unrivalled strength. Replacement costs are minimal thanks to bushes in the wear zones, avoiding the costly replacement of parts such as rotor, drive shaft, and female drive shaft which apply on competitor pumps.

Competitive pricing coupled with a simple and low cost maintenance design makes Nova Rotors a class leader in overall life time costs.

DN/JN Flanged Industrial Series logo

DN/JN Flanged Industrial Series

The standard flanged inlet and outlet design, available in a wide range of materials to suit most liquid applications. Available either direct coupled as "DN" type or with coupling and bearing housing as "JN" type

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DH/JH Hopper Series logo

DH/JH Hopper Series

A wide range of hooper design pumps with hydraulic auger feed screw for handling high consistency materials with low flowability and high solids content. As above, available as DN and JN types

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DV Vertical Series logo

DV Vertical Series

Available with a wide range of discharge flanges and suction inlet to suit the process fluid, these units are designed to pump all manner of materials, including viscous, abrasive and aggressive liquids from tanks or wells.

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Wobble Pump Series logo

Wobble Pump Series

An extremely compact and versatile design with minimal parts which provides simple and very cost efficient pumping of a wide range of liquids including those with viscous, solids or mildly abrasive content.

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