Nova Rotors


Progressing Cavity Pump Specialists


Nova rotors was founded in 1990 and has pumps distributed throughout the world in all industry sectors from food to oil and gas.

The company is located at the foot of the Berici hills between Verona and Venice in northern Italy and provides high quality products manufactured under a certified ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 management system.

How It Works


The progressive cavity pump is a volumetric, self-priming, rotary positive displacement device.The “pumping” part consists of two elements, the rotor and the stator.The rotor, typically metallic, is single or multiple screw with a rounded thread, extremely large pitch, considerable length and high eccentricity in relation to the core diameter.

The stator, typically elastomeric, is embedded with a cavity in the shape of a two or multiple screws, double threaded, compared to the rotor, and with the same eccentricity.

The rotor, rotating within the stator, is forced to perform a hypocycloid roto-translational movement that forces the fluid with a helical movement from the suction casing to the delivery casing.

Progressive Cavity Pump Characteristics

  • Uniform flow proportional to the speed.
  • Self-priming with a maximum suction lift capacity up to 8 mWC (NPSH), depending on the size, the number of stages and pump speed.
  • Capacity to pump heterogeneous products, containing gases, solid, abrasive and fibrous materials in the liquid matrix.
  • Pumping of liquids with low or high viscosity.
  • Liquid dosing capacity.
  • Pulse-free pumping with minimum tensile strain of the product being processed.
  • High pumping pressure (6 bar per stage). Pumps are available with one to eight stages, depending on the required pressure.

The Nova Rotors Product Range


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