Marelli API 610 Pumps


Marelli API 610 Centrifugal Pumps

Located in the heart of Spain, Marelli have been manufacturing heavy duty and API 610 centrifugal pumps at their factory in Illescas, Toledo since 1963.

Now part of the Sundyne group, our Marelli range includes horizontal, vertical, singe stage and multistage pumps to API 610.

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SMK Range (OH2) logo

SMK Range (OH2)

The SMK is a ISO13709, API 610 11th Edition (OH2), centrifugal pump. Flows to 7,000gpm (1600m³/hr), Heads to 1200ft (360m)

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PDH-LH Range (BB1) logo

PDH-LH Range (BB1)

The PDH-LH is a heavy-duty API-610 11th Edition BB1 axially split case pump. Flows to 27,298gpm (6,200m), Heads to 650 ft (200 m)

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ksmk range (BB2) logo

ksmk range (BB2)

The KSMK is an API 610 / ISO 13709 11th Edition BB2 radially split one or two-stage centrifugal pump. Flows to 13,209gpm (3,000m³/hr), Heads to 1,640ft (500m)

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DVMX Multistage (BB3) logo

DVMX Multistage (BB3)

ISO 13709, API 610 11th Edition BB3, multi-stage pump. Flows to 6,604gpm (1,500m³/hr)(50Hz), Heads to 4,920ft (1,500m)(50Hz)

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FQ Vertical (VS2) logo

FQ Vertical (VS2)

The FQ API 610 11th Edition VS2 design, vertical mounted double suction impeller, centrifugal sump pump. Flows to 39,600 gpm (9,000 m³/hr), Heads to 490 ft (150m)

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VSMK & VSMKD vertical (VS4) logo

VSMK & VSMKD vertical (VS4)

The VSMK and VSMKD are API 610 (VS4) submersible pumps. Flows to 7000 gpm (1,600 m³/hr), Heads to 1,180ft (360m)

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FGB vertical (VS6) logo

FGB vertical (VS6)

The FGB API-610 11th Edition VS6 ISO-13709 is a vertical can multi-stage submersible pump. Flows to 13,209gpm (3,000m³/hr), Heads to 1,150 ft (350 m)

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