Metering & Mixing Packages


Metering and Mixing Packages

For continuous or batch systems, including hygienic and sanitary systems for food, pharma and biotech applications

Systems covering flow rates from 10 ml/h to 180 m3/hr, and discharge pressures of up to 3500 bar.

For decades Lewa have built customized production units and provide:

  • preliminary planning,
  • on-site data collection
  • testing and calculation services for secondary systems and pressure conditions.
  • intelligent process management
  • integrated instrumentation and control technology

The experience and expertise you need to reduce process steps, prevent pipeline problems, save space and equipment, and design the process economically.

The advantages of Lewa metering, mixing and filling systems:

Years of experience in mixing liquids

We have many years of experience in mixing liquids of different viscosities. We are also experts in the injection of slurries, especially where this involves various particle sizes and high settling rates.

Experts in metering and injection processes

Our process expertise, which creates perfect results in metering and injection processes, is in demand across the world. We also have a wealth of experience in dealing with required dwell times, idle periods, post-mixing, and heat addition and removal for process reactions.

The control system as the intelligence centre of the system

Precise, fast control of the metering, mixing or filling system when the setpoint value is changed ensures that the end product is always of top quality. This is achieved by a control system developed by LEWA, which continuously monitors the plausibility of set values and actual values.

LEWA pumps at the heart of our systems

Lewa use their own diaphragm metering pumps manufactured in-house for our metering, mixing and filling systems. These are characterized by continuous stroke length and speed adjustment, ensuring an accurate and wide adjustment range. Pressure has virtually no influence on the metering characteristic, which makes monitoring easy and precise. What's more, high metering accuracy paired with a flow measurement and monitoring system ensures reliable and reproducible production.

Customised systems tailored to customer requirements with single source, unit responsibility for the system, mechanics, electronics and control!