HPGSP OH2 API 685 High Pressure Pump


HPGSP OH2 API 685 High Pressure Pump

Heads to 700 ft (150 m)
Flows to 1500 gpm (290 m3/hr)
Temperature range: -150 – +500 °F (-100 - +260 °C)
Pressure: 2,700 psi (185 bar)

See also further details of the HMD options for:-

Zero Loss Shell - minimise power loss and heat!

Vapour View - reliability assurance!

The OH2 sealless magnetic drive pump is available in eleven hydraulic sizes and two basic frame sizes to suit power requirements. Standard materials of construction are S-81 and S5, D-1J and D-2J with other variations available on request.

HPGSP sealless magnetic drive pumps comply with the requirements of API 685 for end suction, centrifugal pumps required by the oil, gas, petroleum and heavy chemical industries.

Due to their improved magnet drive technology HMD can build more efficient and powerful pumps, such as the high pressure HPGSP, thus increasing the application scope for sealless magnetic drive technology.

HPGSP Pump Specifications

Heads To
1 to 700ft 1 to 150m

Flows To
1 to 1,500gpm 1 to 290m3/hr

Temp Range
-150 to 500°F -100 to 260°C

Number of Stages

Max Case Working Pressure
2,700 psi 185 bar

Industry Standard
API 685, API 610 OH2 Centerline mounted single stage overhung

Dimensional Standards

Available Inducer