GSPLF OH2 Low Flow Pump


GSPLF OH2 Low Flow Pump

Sundyne low flow hydraulics combined with proven sealless magnet drive technology

Heads to 490 ft (150m)
Flows to 132 gpm (30 m3/hr)
Temperature Range: -40 to 500 F (-40 to 260 C)
Standard Design Pressure: 580 psi (40 Bar)

See also further details of the HMD options for:-

Zero Loss Shell - minimise power loss and heat!

Vapour View - reliability assaurance!

The OH2 sealless magnetic drive pumps have a single bearing housing to absorb all forces imposed upon the pump shaft and maintain rotor position during operation. The pumps are mounted on a base-plate and are flexibly coupled to their drivers. It is ideal for oil and gas installations, plus chemical and petrochemical applications.

Filling a gap in the market for a low flow sealless pump with a relatively high head capability, the GSPLF pump combines the proven technologies of Sundyne Barske Wheel hydraulics with sealless magnetic drive pump components.

GSPLF Pump Specifications

Heads To
0 to 490ft 0 to 150m

Flows To
18 to 132gpm 4 to 30m3/hr

Max Power
0 to 100hp 0 to 75kW

Temp Range
-40 to 500°F -40 to 260°C

Number of Stages

Max Case Working Pressure
580 psi 40 bar

Speed Range
1,450 to 3,500rpm-60Hz

Materials of Construction
S-5, A-8, D-1, D-2

Max Viscosity

Industry Standard
API 685 (API 610) OH2 centerline mounted single stage overhung pump

Solids Range
Maximum of 5% w/w less tan 150 microns

Number of Available Hydraulics...