Geveke Nitrogen Generation Packages

A nitrogen supply is essential for many oil and gas processes that require inert gas buffer gas or blanketing.

Our Geveke Nitrogen Generation packages provide a reliable, efficient and continuous on-site supply without the costly complication of transportation and storage of bottled nitrogen.

This is of particular importance for offshore platforms and other remote sites in which we specialise.

Features & Benefits

Our Geveke membrane systems are based on pre-aged hollow fibre technology to offer the best efficiency and reliability for purity levels of up to 99.5%. For higher capacities or purity levels, we can also offer systems based on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. In either case, we can offer standard or custom packages.

Geveke Nitrogen generation packages:

  • based on instrument air compressor and membranes
  • the membrane modules are more permeable, which have the benefit of operating at lower compressed air pressures and air temperatures, resulting in minimizing energy consumption
  • supplied with an oxygen analyzer which measures the quality of the produced nitrogen
  • available for different purities from 95% up to 99,5%, different pressures and capacities
  • can be installed in safe areas as well as hazardous areas.