Cryostar - Turbo-expanders and tubomachines for special applications

Turbo-Expander & Turbomachines for Special Applications

Besides the traditional expanders, Cryostar has always made an effort to suit customer needs by offering expanders for operation in unusual conditions, in order to satisfy customers innovative processes.

Cryostar has, in the past, built expanders with high liquid output, expanders with combined braking systems (cold compressor and oil brake for example), as well as machines where the compressor power is de-coupled from the expander by adding or removing energy from the common shaft.

Another particularly exciting development over recent years has been a range of high efficiency cryogenic liquid expanders.

Clean Fuels Technology

In this increasingly important field, the principle of energy recovery is to turn unharnessed energy into electricity.

The expansion of a fluid, such as natural gas, gas from the grid, or a specifically selected working fluid, can be used to rotate an impeller and produce mechanical energy. Cryostar turbo expanders may then be coupled to a generator to convert this recovered energy into electricity


The Range includes:

Liquid expander turbines.
LTG : Liquid expansion turbines with power recovery through loaded generator.
LTP : Liquid expansion turbines without power recovery on the shaft.
Mixed braked turbines.
TFC : Expansion turbines cold compressor loaded and optional oil- brake.
Clean fuels technology (biogas)
TC : With a compressor loaded turbo-expander, the power recovered by expanding the gas process is directly used to drive a compressor wheel which is mounted on the second shaft end.
Special machines : MTG, MTGC, MTMC 120