Cryostar - Hydrocarbon turbines

Hydrocarbon Turbines

Cryostar 's turbomachines for hydrocarbon applications have cold production performance capacities ranging from 500 kW (and below) to 8 MW and above, enabling to cover the whole range of performances needed by the Hydrocarbon processing industry.

Hydrocarbon process turbines are be split into two categories :

  • Turbines equipped with conventional oil bearings.
  • Turbines equipped with Active Magnetic Bearings.

These machines provide high efficiency due to low bearing losses and high safety thanks to encapsulated design which removes all risks of leakage to the atmosphere. The customer has the choice between these two types depending in the process requirements.


The Range comprises:

TYPE MTC : Expander/compressor with active magnetic bearings for all kind of applications.

TYPE TC: Expander/compressor with oil bearings for all kind of applications