Cryostar - Generator loaded: power recovery turbine

Generator Loaded : Power Recovery Turbine

In this application, the expander power is recovered by an electrical generator.

Cryostar has developed a range of cryogenic expanders where the electrical generator loads the turbine through a gearbox. This electrical power is re-injected in the plant electrical grid.

The cold production can be up to 3000 kW.

A high level of performance is reached through the use of high technology and materials and thorough testing of all parts.

Cryostar - pioneers of active magnetic bearings expanders


The Type TG Range:

The generator-loaded turbo-expander is also often used in the natural gas treatment plant or in ethylene plants.

The generator brakes the expansion turbine. It is connected to the grid and allows electricity production. Different designs are available, including either planetary gearbox or parallel shaft gearbox, with the option of an asynchronous or a synchronous generator.

Cryostar Turbo-expanders

  • Proven expertise of applications: dew point control, ethane recovery, NGL recovery, LNG production and project with high amount of liquid at expander outlet.
  • Full range of oil lubricated bearings turbo-expanders with different shaft sealing systems
  • Capability to reply to the applications of petrochemical industry such as ethylene plants, CO processing, etc.
  • A complete range from 100 kW up to 12 000 kW with inlet pressure up to 150 bar and inlet temperature down to -196°C as standard