Cryostar - Compressor loaded turbines

Compressor Loaded Turbines

For these units, the efficiency is of prime importance and the power developed by the expander, is recovered in a booster compressor.

Cryostar has developed the largest range of cryogenic expanders on the market, incorporating many technical innovations such as the wheels, which are milled out of a solid forging of aluminium alloy. This not only guarantees the best efficiency, but also sound mechanical behaviour, in harsh operating conditions.

These turbomachines can be delivered for cold production over 4000 kW. This performance grade is only reached through use of high tech methods, selection of best suited materials and severe testing.

Cryostar - pioneers of active magnetic bearing turbo-expanders


The Type TC Range

With a compressor loaded expansion turbine, the power recovered through the gas expansion process, is directly used to drive a compressor wheel at the other end of shaft.

A high efficiency is required for this type of machine with a cold production ranging from 600 kW to 3200 kW. Cryostar uses efficient computing tools to obtain the highest efficiency.

To reduce the costs and to simplify the installation on site, the machines are also available as dual units (both on the same skid) when the process needs both a cold and a warm machine.

  • Proven expertise of applications: dew point control, ethane recovery, NGL recovery, LNG production and project with high amount of liquid at expander outlet.
  • Full range of oil lubricated bearings turbo-expanders with different shaft sealing systems
  • Capability to reply to the applications of petrochemical industry such as ethylene plants, CO processing, etc.
  • A complete range from 100 kW up to 12 000 kW with inlet pressure up to 150 bar and inlet temperature down to -196°C as standard