Turbo-Expanders For The Hydrocarbon Process Industry

Established in 1966 and based in France, Cryostar have built a reputation as a world leading innovative manufacturer of radial inflow turbo expanders, liquid expanders and cryogenic equipment. Cryostar’s hydrocarbon expanders are known to be particularly robust, reliable and highly efficient, and are designed and built to the latest API 614 and 617 standards.

Cryostar - pioneers of active magnetic bearing turbo-expanders

Cryostar pioneered the manufacture of expanders using active magnetic bearing (AMB) technology, although machines with oil lubricated bearings and a variety of shaft sealing systems are also available. They were the first company to supply AMB equipped expanders in 1988. Cryostar also provided in 1991 the first expander/compressors with AMB for natural gas processing which are still in operation offshore in the North Sea.


Cryostar have the largest installed base of AMB expanders in the world, and can offer a complete range from 100 kW up to 12,000 kW with inlet pressure up to 150 bar and inlet temperature down to -196°C as standard. Custom designs are available for special applications. Cryostar can supply compressor loaded expanders and also generator loaded expanders which can also be installed to provide energy recovery as part of clean energy projects, for example pressure reducing stations in national gas transmission networks.

More recently, Cryostar have developed a full range of cryogenic liquid expanders for use in gas separation and liquefaction processes which offer significantly better efficiency, a wider range of operation and increased expansion ratio in comparison with reverse pumps.

We are the Cryostar UK Representatives in the hydrocarbons sector and are pleased to assist UK based end users and engineering contractors with any conceptual or FEED projects. Please click on the links below for further information:

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